Headlight Protection: Why protect?

HEADLIGHT PROTECTION FILM (MOST VEHICLES) $149.  LENS REPLACEMENTS CAN RUN FROM $200 to over $3000.  Protect your investment with our affordable 3M headlight protection film.  Made specifically for your car. Perfect fit, worry free protection.

You don't need FilmStar Automotive Solutions to spell it out. Everyone knows, replacing headlights and fog lights costs time and money.

See for yourself what can happen...

Prevent Headlight Pitting: FilmStar Automotive KelownaPlastic lenses will:

  • Dull
  • Lose transparency
  • Become pitted (from road debris)
  • Scratch easily


That's a lot to have to go through, but you don't have to.
Having the headlight protective film provided by FilmStar Automotive Solutions means less time spent stressing over your vehicle, and more cash left over in your pocket. 

And yes, the brightness of your lights stays the same even after the film is applied.

Another great example of how FilmStar Automotive Solutions shines at  protecting your vehicle.

Headlight Protection Film Pricing

FilmStar Headlight Protection Package

Headlight Protection

starting from $149

  • Prevent scratches, cracking, and pitting

All prices plus tax. Prices may vary for specific vehicles. Please inquire for specific pricing on your vehicles.


Headlight protection by FilmStar Clear headlight protection by FilmStar clear headlight protection by FilmStar

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Headlight Protection

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