Window Tinting

FilmStar Automotive Solutions uses high quality films that come with a warranty.

No purple, no bubbles, no peeling.

Whenever possible, FilmStar Automotive Solutions will remove windows from the respective doors to ensure that extra bit of high-quality installation.  (For example, we shave the top edges of the windows so there is no unsightly gap when you roll them down).

FilmStar Window Tinting

Should you have Tinting?

FilmStar Automotive Solutions says Yes, because Tinting...

  • Protects interior from UV damage
  • Provides comfort from the sun's heat
  • Adds to the aesthetic quality of your vehicle
  • Reduces rear view mirror glare at night from following vehicles
  • Stops thieves from seeing into your vehicle.

 A nice secure feeling, for sure! 

Another great example of how FilmStar Automotive Solutions shines at protecting your vehicle.

Window Tinting Pricing

FilmStar Window Tinting

starting from

Window Tint

  • Protect your interior from UV damage
  • Adds aesthetic quality of your vehicle

All Prices plus tax. Prices may vary for specific vehicles. Please inquire for specific pricing on your vehicles.


Window tinting by FilmStar Window tinting by FilmStar Window tinting by FilmStar
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