Why Do You Need Clear Bra Paint Protection?

Many people who buy a brand new car find that within just a few months, the front of their new vehicle has dings in it because of rocks and other objects flying up in the road and hitting it. There is always the option of buying an expensive leather bra for the front of the vehicle, but these are hard to install and can eventually crack and rip. One of the hottest new trends for protecting the paint job on any vehicle is using clear bra paint protection.

The following are reasons why you need clear bra paint protection:

  • Over Thirty Percent of Damage is on the Front of the Car – This is a well-documented fact and this is only one reason why clear bra protection is a good idea. It does not matter how old the vehicle is, if you want to add more protection to it then you should install this on the front of your vehicle. Instead of your paint being damaged, the clear protection takes the hits leaving your paint job in pristine condition.
  • Low Cost – When it comes to protecting the paint on your vehicle, clear bras are a low cost option that just about anyone can afford. It is much more cost effective than bras that are made out of other materials. Because this material can be purchased in rolls and then custom cut for your vehicle, it can be cut to fit and there is typically enough material to do more than one vehicle front.
  • Ease of Installation – This type of bra is just as easy to install as any other vehicle wrap or decaling. The same tools are used and it only takes a short amount of time to complete the installation.
  • Does Not Cover Up Original Paint – One of the best aspects of clear protection is that it does not cover up your original paint job the way that leather bras do. You can get paint protection and your new pain job is still viewable. Not everyone likes the look of the big and bulky black leather bras that are on most cars. This is where the clear protection can make a huge difference to your vehicle while still offering the same if not better protection for the front of it.

When it comes to protecting the paint job on your vehicle, nothing works better than clear bra protection. It is more aesthetically appealing than the bulky leather black bras that are most commonly found. They install easily and the material can be cut on a plotter to fit or you can purchase kits that are precut to fit your specific vehicle. The best part is that they do not cover up the paint that you are trying to protect, it simply offers a clear protective shell around your front end to keep the rocks and other debris from causing chipping or denting.



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Using paint protection film is a great way to keep your vehicle's paint job looking like new for many years.